Path of Engagement

Module Overview

You’re ready to launch your fundraiser, petition or event. What’s next?

Gatherings — online or offline — are a great way to cast a net and attract new followers. But how can you increase the chance those participants are going to stay engaged?

In this module, you will learn how to increase the effectiveness of your online engagement efforts through understanding your audience, creating a path of engagement and understanding the building blocks of a meaningful online community.


  1. Identify a priority segment of your support base to engage
  2. Create a path of engagement in both contact management and workflow tracking software
  3. Learn how to expand and deepen your community online


  • Contact data gathering template - for CRM import
  • Path development worksheet


  • Digital Tools for Online Engagement


Scott Young | Digital Strategist and Research Consultant

Scott Young is a digital strategist and research consultant based in Toronto, Ontario. He has worked with numerous organizations both in Canada and abroad on building their digital presence and enhancing their research capabilities. A natural connector, Scott's recent work has focused on how to build meaningful communities online across borders and time zones. He has been recognized by the St. Gallen Symposium as a 'Leader of Tomorrow' and is a member of the Banff Forum. He holds degrees from Oxford, Warwick and Simon Fraser universities, and has completed graduate coursework at the Universities of Hong Kong and Turin.

Chris Cowperthwaite | Founder & CEO, Groundforce

Chris is an entrepreneur and ground campaign consultant. He is an expert on open team building and campaign technology for distributed community organizing. Chris conducted his graduate thesis on digital systems for peer-to-peer fundraising and has since worked with over 100 political and not-for-profit ground campaigns in Canada and the United States.

Founder & CEO, Groundforce Digital – Ground Campaign Experts
Groundforce Digital helps associations and movements build lean project teams that run innovative participant-driven campaigns to fuel growth and drive change. Consulting services include:

- Strategy: The Groundforce® strategy process results in your campaign plan, including budget, timeline and core messages. 
- Team Building: Groundforce helps you build an open team and draws on a network of campaign and creative professionals to deliver the talent to succeed.
- Groundforce® Workshop: Groundforce surveys the campaign tech marketplace, tests new products and delivers a suite of the top tools & training for your team.

Chair, Open Democracy Project /
The Open Democracy Project is a citizen-led community working to empower everyday citizens to drive change through political action. Its flagship project, DemocracyKit, shares expert advice and campaign technology with any campaign team running for municipal office and maintains an open online library to build on that knowledge from one election to the next. 

Other Community Service
Chris is the Loran Scholars Foundation Alumni Coordinator in the Greater Toronto Area. Chris served as a Board Director at the Loran Scholars Foundation from 2013 - 2015 and Ten Oaks Project from 2008 - 2010. He holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business (York University), a B.Sc. (Honours) and Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Waterloo, and is a Jostens Loran Scholar ('99).