Dave Meslin – Team Building

Leadership Development from the Ground Up

Dave Meslin has been building distributed teams as a social and political entrepreneur for the past two decades. In this interview, Dave speaks with Groundforce Founder, Chris Cowperthwaite about community organizing and discusses the Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto (RaBIT) – how an organization with an annual budget of just a few thousand dollars can have such profound influence at City Hall and Queen's Park and build a dedicated board of 12 next-generation leaders.
On the webcast, we:
  • Distill core principles for distributed team leadership, exploring Dave's "community choreography" approach to organizing
  • Provide insights into the Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto origin story – how the founders worked in the early days to build a volunteer-driven organization and collaborate with similar teams across Ontario

Dave Meslin | Political Entrepreneur & Engagement Specialist

Using non-traditional methods and creative tactics, Dave Meslin spent twenty years as a social and political entrepreneur leaving a trail of non-profit start-ups, campaign victories, viral videos, new magazines, and public space interventions in his path. An urbanist, community organiser, author and trainer, Meslin inspires us to invert the traditional pyramid of hierarchy by creating meaningful opportunities to engage our employees, our members, our students. His thesis is simple: We’re stronger and smarter when we’re all involved. Transforming top-down leadership into bottom-up collaboration is the true challenge of the 21st century.