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What Drives Us

At Groundforce, we believe the biggest challenges facing the world — such as climate change, access to education and bridging the digital divide — require fundamental changes to the distribution of power in society. We believe these changes will be driven by new approaches to team leadership development at the local level and that campaigns provide fertile ground for learning new digital and community organizing skills. Since the company was founded in 2013, we have worked with advocates, political candidates, community organizers, fundraisers and entrepreneurs to develop the tools and training they need to thrive.


Online Training Programs: Train team leaders to develop effective online courses, learning modules and distributed team action centres.

Professional Development: Connect and contribute to building the community of professionals working at the intersection of technology, community organizing and entrepreneurship.

Central Team Consulting: Lay a foundation for distributed organization and movement building by deploying new community building technology and management strategy consulting.

The Power of Campaign Teams

Stories and insights from our community


Matthew Green

Groundforce Summit Participant & Hamilton City Councillor

Elena Yunusov

Startup Consultant & Founder of Communicable Inc.

Alex Mazer

2014 Toronto City Council Candidate & Co-Founder of Common Wealth Pension Services

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